Clubfitting Video's

In  this  Video,  Tom Wishon addresses "What Custom Clubfitting Actually Does For You"

Tom is the foremost authority on Clubfitting & Clubmaking and is recognized world wide for his knowledge and creatitivity in this area. Tom has more club design first's than all of the other companies combined. He has also designed hundreds of clubheads & shafts, authored several books on Clubfitting & Clubmaking and has taught Clubfitters/Clubmakers and Professional Golfers around the World for the past 35 years. He is the Clubmaking  &  Clubfitting  GuRu.

Clubfitting For Length

  1. Length - The most important element in Clubfitting. Think of the areas affected by Length: Setup, Spine Angle, Swing Path, Swing Plane, Stance Distance from the Ball, Swing Weight, Moment of Inertia, Contact Quality & Face Impact Location, Clubhead Feel, Lie Angle etc.

Clubfitting For Length - Part II

This Video is a continuation of the discussion on length in Part I. In part II, I bring in those aspects associated with the Flight Scope 3D, Phased Array Doppler Radar, Ball and Club Tracking System that quantify the Quality and Consistency of your ball striking results.

Shaft Fitting Using Flight Scope

With the assistance of Dave Seeman, a PGA Teaching Professional, this Video displays how the Flight Scope System can be used to determine the shaft that best fits the individual players swing characteristics. Elements such as Swing Path & Plane, Face Angle, Shaft Rate  of  Acceleration,  Impact Location etc. are all addreessed.

MOI vs Swing Weight Matching

Most Golfers are familiar with Swing Weight Matching. However, there is an alternate and more insightful way of matching your set of clubs. MOI Matching has been used by Custom Clubfitters for some time. MOI, simply put, is that resistance you feel as you bring the club down and through the impact zone. Every player can sense that "this feels great moment." MOI provides the player thGive this video a good look and then get in touch with your Independent Clubfitter to have your clubs MOI Matched.

Flat Line Oscillation (Flo-ing)

Are you experiencing directional inconsistency from shot to shot with your woods or irons. Maybe it is your shaft. Maybe your shaft is arriving at impact with the clubhead in a different orientation on each shot. Your AGCP Custom Clubmaker can help you in this area. Take a look at this video. You may be surprised at the result.

Driver Priorities When Selecting A Make & Model

Are you a victim of Marketing Hype. Did you purchase your Driver based on  price or impulse  or  the recommendation  of  a  “paid”  Professional  Golfer. Many players fall victim to the above. Take a look at this video for an alternate view of how you might go about club selection of  your next purchase.

The Most Overlooked Club in Your Bag

The average player shoots 95 (when they count all their strokes). You hit your Driver about 14 times a round but at the range you pound a bucket of balls with the Driver. You use you putter about 36 or more times a round but rarely practice with the Putter. This video with give you some additional information to think about when conducting your putter practice sessions.

Shaft Acceleration Effects

Are you aware of what your shaft is doing as it approaches the impact zone. This video addresses acceleration effects as the shaft moves down and through the impact  area as well as, providing  insight as to which shaft is most appropriate for your swing characteristics.

all about grips

The  Grip:  Is what you hang onto when swinging the club. Understanding the importance of grip fitting and grip care is important to the overall quality of your ball striking  capability.  This video will also discuss  Grip wrapping and the value of adding  additional wraps of tape under the lower hand.  The  purpose  of  the  additional  wrapping  is  to  provide  consistency  in  hand  pressure  be  both  hands. Several Grip manufacturers are just now beginning to understand the positive effec