Sterling Single length irons

Tom Wishon, the designer of the Sterling Single Length Iron, provides  the background into his design. Tom also addresses the playability advantage of a Single Length iron when compared to the conventional Variable Length set of irons. The Sterling iron has been tested by professional golf instructors several dozen times and the results are all the same. Roaring success.  Maybe you should give single length's a try.

Distance Gapping and Trajectory with the Sterling Single Length Iron

This  Video is a test conducted by Tour Experience Golf of the Tom Wishon Golf,  Sterling, Single Length Iron. Noteworthy are the comments of the testers concerning the ease of  Loft  &  Lie  adjustability  of the Sterling Iron  when compared to other brands currently on the market. 

The Sterling can  be easily adjusted for loft & lie up  to + or - 4 degrees. The ease of adjustment is another example of the genius of a Tom Wishon design. 

Single Length irons take advantage of the lack of variables, noted below, with which many Golfers struggle when using the standard  variable length set of irons. 

The authors (testers) of this Video were particularly struck by the gapping consistency (shot  distance  between  each  club of the Sterling).  

Bottom Line, the Testers were convinced of this design. 

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