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Tom Wishon Golf Technology

Haven't heard of Wishon Golf products. Reason: Smaller Companies are not heavily marketed. Marketing budgets do not determine the quality of the product. Is Rolls Royce heavily marketed. Reputation is the key to quality Golf Products. Tom Wishon has been designing Golf Clubs for over 35 years and is responsible for more “first‘s” in the Golf industry than all other companies combined. Did you know he designed the first moveable weight Driver Head, the first Metal Wood with variable Face thickness, First Adjustable Hosel Driver, First Metal Wood with Cup Face Construction, First CNC milled Iron Faces, First one-piece Investment cast iron and many more. If Tom Wishon's name is on the product you can be assured of top quality design  & material.

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New 2020 Design Info

Additional Information for The 2020 Product Introduction

 Wishon 989 CLA Iron:

The 989CLA is the first of its kind iron. Variable Weight, Variable Length adjustibilaty via the cavity weight bore and the twin weight bores on the back of the head. Total weight adjustment of 21 grams. Also makes for easy length to weight adjustment, as well as, MOI and Swing Weight. Other features include, Modern loft design, Deep undercut rear cavity to increase MOI and improve off center impact performance. The Sole design has a leading and training edge bevel which is ideal for all  grass types. Progressive Blade height. Available from 4 iron through Gap (A) Wedge.

Wishon DI595 Driving Iron:

This Low CG, High MOI Driving Iron is designed with a High COR Face for increased distance. The DI595 has been designed to be played both as a pure Driving Iron or as a Hybrid replacement. Lower and more rearward CG with full radius sole. Available in 18 and 21 degree Lofts.

Wishon EQ-1-NX Single Length Irons:

The EQ-1-NX SL Iron features a 2 piece Hollow Body Design and a progressive Center of Gravity (CG) with the lowest and most rearward CG in the 5 iron and highest and most forward in the GW & SW for the most consistent shot shape and trajectory.  Result - better shot shape/trajectory for a wider range of players and to effectively hit 5 & 6 irons  to expected carry distance and shot gapping.

Wishon EQ-1-NX Single Length Fairway Wood:

Each Fairway Wood is designed with the capability of adding up to 30 grams of additional weight, using the 4 weight bores,  to achieve normal swingweights or  MOI's  for either a 40" to 41" Single Length Fairway Wood. This flexibility  compliments the Single Length irons and Hybrids. Available in 4 ( 15 deg.), 5 (17 deg) , 6 (19deg) and 7 (21) degree lofts (RH Only).  Lie & Face Angle adjustments of 2 degrees in any direction are possible. 

Wishon EQ-I-NX Hybrids:

The EQ-I-NX Hybrids can be played as a standard Hybrid or as a Single Length Hybrid, i.e., 8 iron length or standard length Hybrid,  due to the addition of the 4 weight bores, as in the F/W. The EQ Hybrid can be adjusted  up to 3 degree in Lie & Face Angle.  The Hybrids are available at #4(20 deg), #5(24 deg) & #6(28 deg) to match the Lofts and Gaps of the EQ-1-NX Single Length Irons.

Wishon 519 SPHR Driver:

Designed with a 415cc body with a swept back head shape profile and a more forward and slightly higher CG. The higher CG is designed to enhance ability of the player to work the ball in  trajectory more commensurate with a penetrating, low spin shot pattern. All 519 SPHR Drivers undergo six separate face thickness QC checks during production to ensure the most consistent and highest CT/Smash Factor. Available in lofts of 9 & 11 degrees with +/- 4 degrees of Lie/Face Angle Adjustment.  Hand select options are also available of +/- 1 deg. of Loft.


Woods - irons - hybrids

Alpha Golf Club Company

The  Alpha Golf Club Company was founded in 2000 by Dr. Jim Yeh after decades of innovative physics research and design for the Aerospace Industry. Dr Yeh's pursuit of high performance Golf Equipment has garnered him the  reputation  among  his  peers  as one of the true greats in the club design arena.  In the golf industry he is known as "the DOC"

At Alpha, Dr. Yeh believes in true performance-based designs. What this means is innovation and engineering for the sole purpose of enhancing your performance on the course. No fancy Bells and Whistles to distract from the goals. In the case of golf club design, SIMPLY IS TRULY BETTER. Give the Alpha Line a try. You will be more  than  pleased  with  the quality and performance  of  the  Alpha  product.


woods - Irons - hybrids

Eagle Rebirth Golf Company

Eagle Rebirth Golf made their PGA Merchandise Show debut this past year (2019).  The  PGA Show “Insider Group” describes the ERG in three words or less - High Performance, Superior Craftsmanship, Competitive Pricing. That's ERG in a nutshell. 

The founder of ERG is an  industry  pioneer and one of the chief principals in the design of the modern titanium Driver. His background in metallurgy and casting has permitted ERG to develop a series of new, high quality golf components. Distance with forgiveness. 

ERG Drivers are the right choice for you game. ERG offers a full line of components that will fit the Professional, the top amateur and the beginner alike.

ERG has  chosen  DAT55G high quality forged Titanium over standard titanium. The X1 Driver has a  moveable, adjustable weight in the sole plate of the Driver head.

ERG has also introduced a new Titanium Fairway Wood using the same DAT55G Titanium. The head of the Fairway Wood is designed with a low center of gravity for ease in launch. The cup face design is the latest and most successful of the Driver Face design.

The ERG Hybrids are designed with a new Aerospace alloy,  455 maraging steel face,  for greater distance and  higher trajectory.

ERG Irons are superbly crafted offering excellent response off the face.  The X series forged line is playable by all level of Golfers but mainly preferred by the more accomplished player. The P series is an iron for all skill levels of Golfers. The P1 and P2 series are made of soft carbon, 8620 steel offering the most adjustability on the market.  The P Series is finished in a silver smoke design offering extreme attractiveness.

Give ERG a try. You won't be disappointed.