What is Professional Clubfitting

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The Fitting Process @ FS golf

The Player

FS Golf does not Fit Men, Women, Juniors etc. 

                    FS Golf Fits GOLFERS

Player Interview

The Player Interview is the method for obtaining from the Golfer which of the Six Shotmaking & Performance factors of DISTANCE,  ACCURACY,  TRAJECTORY, CONSISTENCY , SPIN & FEEL that the Player is having the greatest problems with and which they wish to address and improve. 

In addition, the Player Interview is used to obtain information such as the Current Set Makeup, Game Improvement Goals, Player Product Preferences, Physical Limitations, Ball Striking Tendencies, Fitting Expectations etc.

The Fitting process is individualized with attention to specific needs of the Player and follows the format below.

Equipment Evaluation

The Players  Club Specifications are measured and reviewed with the Player to identify inconsistencies. The values for Length, Loft, Lie Angle, MOI, Grip Size, Swing Weight, Total Weight, Shaft Frequency etc. are all measured and recorded. A composite view can provide insight into the issues the Player may be experiencing with DISTANCE,  ACCURACY, TRAJECTORY, CONSISTENCY, SPIN & FEEL. The Baseline Equipment Evaluation is also a guide as to which club parameters may need to be changed in new clubs in order to make a real impact on your Shotmaking Performance.

Dynamic Fitting Section

The Dynamic Fitting Section begins with a warmup period followed by the Player hitting each of their current irons or woods. Face impact labels are used on each club for the purpose of displaying impact consistency. 

The overriding theme at FS GOLF is to improve the Players consistency and the reduce, as much as possible, the MISS HIT TENDENCIES. This is accomplished through the best combination of Club Head, Shaft and Grip Specifications. The Player will be hitting various combinations of clubheads and shafts, in length, weight, flex and composite materials. All results are recorded using impact labels and computer data via the Flight Scope System and Video Analysis.  The Player is provided copies of all Fitting data. The Flight Scope, 3D, Phased Array, Doppler Radar and High Speed Video are used extensively as support items during the Dynamic Phase of the Fitting. At FS Golf I have over 450 Clubheads and Shafts with Inter-Changeability.


The Goal of the Fitting Session is to help the Player modify Ball Flight Parameters  so as to improve their performance in Distance, Accuracy, Trajectory, Consistency, Impact Feel and Ball Spin.


- More On Center and Solid Contact

- Improved Accuracy

- Better Feel

- Improved Swing Fundamentals

- More Fairways & Greens

-Increased Satisfaction

-Lower Scores and Lowest Score Wins

- Let's Play 36

There is no one set of rules that apply to all players and there is no one set of off the rack clubs with Standard Specifications that can be produced by the Golf Industry that will allow a Player to achieve their maximum potential.  A Quality Professional Fitting is essential to your playing success. As Tom Wishon stated "the quality of Custom Fitting is measured by where you can go to achieve the highest level of visible, immediate game improvement". That will never be attained at your local Big Box Store, Pro Shop or On-Line. WHY? Because the potential for Immediate Game Improvement through Custom Fitting requires each Golfer to be fit individually, one club at a time,  for all 13 Key Specifications listed below.

90% of all Golfers by clubs based on Price, Color, Brand, Impulse or Marketing Hype regardless of whether or not the clubs fit their playing capability or swing profile. Get Fit by a Qualified, Certified Independent Clubfitter and know what it is you need to play your best Golf.

13 Key Fitting Factors in Clubfitting

- Length


-Lie Angle

-Face Angle

-Total Weight

-MOI/Swing Weight

- Grip Size

-Grip Style & Composition

- Shaft Weight

- Shaft Flex

- Shaft Bending Profile

- Set Make-up

-Clubhead Design

At the completion of every Fitting session, a Post Fitting Analysis is conducted that addresses all aspects of the Fitting Process. Fitting records are provided to the Player for their retention.

Flight Scope Data Screens

Below are some of the data screens available on the Flight Scope Club & Ball Tracking  System and the Measuring equipment used to determine the correct specifications for your FS Golf Custom Fit Golf Clubs.